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A Church on Fire: A Confession

  The scenes from Paris were (and are) startling and heartbreaking. When part of the spire of Notre Dame fell into the huge cauldron of flames, I gasped. It was hard to take it all in from the vantage point … Continue reading

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When Hope Is a Problem

An area church similar to Old South recently came to the end of a long journey through which the church seriously considered its future. Part of the process focused on the building in which the church meets. The church, decreasing … Continue reading

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Small Church, Big Sanctuary

While Old South is certainly one of those churches that wonders quite a lot about what the future will hold—with our small numbers, our difficulties in maintaining and paying for staff, worries about the demands of our physical plant, etc.—Old … Continue reading

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Who Are We? Why Are We Here?

When Admiral James Stockdale, Vice Presidential candidate in 1992, asked in the Vice Presidential debate, “Who Am I? Why Am I Here?” he was mocked mercilessly. His questions, though, actually were, and are, very important ones, questions that we all … Continue reading

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Signs of New Life in the Midst of Unwelcome Growth

There’s something growing at Old South. Something terrible, horrible, unspeakable. Something that we don’t need or want. It’s like a cold slap in the face, as the community struggles to figure out whether or not it can grow the congregation. … Continue reading

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Agenda for the Last Day

It’s almost impossible these days to ignore the undercurrent of worry and concern at Old South, especially on Sunday mornings as we wonder how many people will join us for worship. The numbers keep going down. After a couple of … Continue reading

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The Builders

This month, we at Old South are celebrating the 225th anniversary of the gathering of Congregationalists in Hallowell, Maine. As we contend this month with another very snowy Maine winter, and the piles of snow that have just about completely … Continue reading

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