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When Right Is Wrong (or, if not exactly wrong, not exactly right either)

Perhaps in response to a humid, but dry, summer in Maine, much of my reading this season has involved a lot of cold and ice. After watching the AMC series “The Terror” in the spring, I read the book by … Continue reading

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Where’s Christ in the United Church of Christ?

I recently attended a funeral (actually, a “memorial service”) at a United Church of Christ church not far from my own church. The service was for a woman I had known fairly well, a woman who was a very active … Continue reading

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Post Synod Reflection #1: The Maine Thing

I arrived home from Synod this past Wednesday. It didn’t take long for the river of my life in Maine to take me far away from my Synod experience. But, I’ve finally found a few moments to look back and … Continue reading

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This Is It

When my daughter was young, she had a pet betta fish. Like most betta fish, it didn’t live very long. But, when it died, Margaret was distraught. To help her deal with her considerable grief, I suggested that she organize … Continue reading

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Clergy Get Over Yourselves!

“Do you read the sermons ahead of time?” was one of the first questions that was asked. It was a surprising, unexpected question. It was asked almost tentatively, cautiously, but directly at me. I was sitting at the front of … Continue reading

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Exciting: A New Word for Our Small Church Vocabulary

Today, I received one of those wonderful, rare emails, a sort of email that doesn’t land in my inbox very often, an email to cherish and keep, especially when things get difficult, which they are bound to do. Today, I … Continue reading

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New Life In the Midst of Old People?

Attend a large gathering of the Maine United Church of Christ, like the Conference Annual Meeting, and one sees a lot of gray hair. In addition, there are quite a few heads with little or no hair at all, as … Continue reading

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