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Churches, Pastors, Marriage and Bylaws—Oh, My

The Huffington Post recently published a story on conservative Christian churches that are enacting bylaw changes to guard themselves from possible lawsuits when they turn away same sex couples who wish to be married. [“DOMA, Gay Marriage Rulings Prompt Churches … Continue reading

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An Experience Thing

Last Sunday’s New York Times “Sunday Review” section highlighted an opinion piece on the new dimensions of activity and experience offered at art museums and other cultural institutions. The essayist was not especially enthusiastic about these new opportunities, reflecting that … Continue reading

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Did the Dinosaurs Know that Extinction Was on the Way?

Maybe I just need a vacation, but I’ve been wondering and thinking a lot about the sense I have that my profession, as a clergyperson, is not long for this world. Not in Maine, anyway. A long time ago, I … Continue reading

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Does It Matter that Church is Good for You? recently ran an article about scientific research that indicates that singing in a choir is good for people. The article, written by a woman who’s recently published a book on the subject, began with a statement that she had … Continue reading

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