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An Expectant People

One of my favorite parts of Advent is the annual visit with the two pregnant women, Mary and Elizabeth. Although the lectionary often curtails that section of Luke, reducing it to Mary’s Song of Praise, I always include the section … Continue reading

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Happy Fear and Terror Day!

At Old South, we are following the Narrative Lectionary, rather than the Revised Common Lectionary, which means that we’ve been marching our way through the Gospel According to Mark for quite some time. We wrap up Mark today, Easter, with … Continue reading

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The Peril of Politics and Particular Providence

Glenn Beck seems to think that God is so concerned about the United States that He decided to break one of his own “Big Ten” and killed Antonin Scalia, so that Americans would realize “how important their freedom is so … Continue reading

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Now Is the Season of My Discontent

There’s a lot I love about this season, about Advent and Christmas, in the preparation, and waiting, and some of the most interesting and provocative dimensions of faith and the biblical narrative. It’s not easy being a clergyperson at this … Continue reading

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What Would Mary Want?

Confession: On Sunday afternoons, when I finally have a chance to look through the Sunday New York Times, the first place I go is the “Style” section. It’s not that I’m into style, or fashion. I go there for the … Continue reading

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What’s the Appeal of Inerrancy?

Outreach Magazine recently published a list of the “Fastest Growing Churches: 2015.” A link to the list can be found here: The list intrigued me, so I began taking a look at these fast growing churches. I didn’t have … Continue reading

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Do I Hear the Fat Lady Singing?

In my last post, I wrote about a sermon that I wished had been preached at the recent Maine Conference United Church of Christ Annual Meeting—but was not. The scripture was Sarah laughing at the prospect of having a child … Continue reading

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