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Faith and Country, Eggs and Ham

Last week, gun control, so why not health care this week? Let me begin with one complaint that really doesn’t have anything to do with faith or Christianity: why is it that health insurance is treated differently than other forms … Continue reading

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Why Bother?

In the aftermath of the Washington Navy Yard mass killing, I heard one of the investigators talk about the thorough investigation that was in process—that law enforcement was committed to finding out everything it could about why Aaron Alexis chose … Continue reading

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Is It All About the Buildings?

Sacred Heart Church, the Roman Catholic church in Hallowell, just around the corner from Old South, is likely to close soon, probably at the end of next month. It’s really no surprise. Everyone in town seemed to be aware that … Continue reading

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The Religion of Youth Sports

In the last couple of decades, it’s been an often heard complaint in churches in the United States that many children, young people, and parents have been lost to sports. Sunday morning sports practices, in particular, are pointed to as … Continue reading

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