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Cautionary Tale #2: The Gardiner Congregational Church, UCC

The story of the Gardiner Congregational Church, United Church of Christ, Gardiner, Maine, offers an important view into some of the very challenging issues facing many mainline churches, especially those churches located in places like central Maine. The Gardiner Congregational … Continue reading

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Losing Religion?

This week, Morning Edition on NPR has been running a series called “Losing Our Religion,” focusing on all kinds of people who are struggling with religion in some way—some are younger people who are “spiritual but not religious,” some are … Continue reading

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Lord Grantham, I Know How You Feel

I’m a big Downton Abbey fan and have been since the very first episode.  How can you resist the love, lust, drama and back-stabbing all wrapped up in a charming English package? As the new season unfolds, I suspect that … Continue reading

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Searching for Hope

Last Friday, I officiated at one of the largest memorial services that we’ve had at Old South during my tenure.  The sanctuary was packed with people—every pew space was taken and people lined the walls on the sides and along … Continue reading

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